Happy clients and great word of mouth is important in any type of relationship and business. At Wintner Artist Marketing we strive to deliver the goods on every level. Here are some of the things my voice talents have to say about what we have done for their careers.

"Paul and Jay are the best! Having great representation is key to a successful Voice Over career. Wintner Artist Management has been a huge key to my success in this business. There is no one better connected to the key players in our industry and certainly no one more respected. I am grateful for the 10 plus years we've been working together. Thanks guys."
- Scott Rummell

"Not only is Paul the biggest gun in Hollywood, he's got the guns to back it up! He's the hardest working guy in the business. If he can't get it done, it can't be done. Or try Helzner."
- Ashton Smith

"When I started working with Paul Wintner, my voice-over income doubled in the first six months. And that was just the beginning of the fun. Paul's (and Jason's) wit, candor and obsession with movie paraphernalia make them two of the most endearing people in the business. And somehow along the way, Paul became The Incredible Hulk -- the Jewish, non-green version. (Don't piss him off or he roars, gets 3 feet taller and veiny, and starts mumble-reciting Torah verses.) I highly recommend Paul as agent, lunch date, and funny storyteller. It's an honor to know him."
- Ben Patrick Johnson

"Within a few months of being with Paul and Jason, I was booked on a regular gig with AT&T U-verse TV! I am getting a bunch of trailer auditions every month, and I feel confident that I have a real shot at this very competitive category of voice-over. Under their guidance, I believe my lifelong dreams and goals are genuinely attainable now."
- Steve Kamer

"I've been training myself and people for over 20 years. Every now and then, and not often, someone comes along that inspires you. your that person for me. Your work ethic, drive, consistency and dedication are unmatched. Whats ironic is that people with your dedication in the gym are often the most selfish, narcissistic ones but your the exact opposite of that. Your sense of humor, genuine concern for others and generosity are genuine character traits that really show what a great guy you are. The transition you have made from this skinny, weak dude to nothing short of a powerhouse beast is to be commended, along with your constant willingness and hunger to learn about health and fitness. Isnt it a Star Wars thing where the student becomes the master? I guess if thats the case then your the gym Jedi! Anyway, didnt want to get soppy on you, just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and who you are in and out of the gym. Your a dream client and have become a great trustworthy friend."
- Dean Buttar, Paul's trainer of 10 years

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